We are Nufás Media. A full-service digital media brokerage providing you with 24-hour service to help you grow and scale your business. Like you, we work around the clock because your passion isn’t crammed between the hours of 9 to 5.

Nufás is made up of a team of young entrepreneurs and freelancers dedicated to offering a one-stop shop for new businesses when it comes to total web design, branding, content creation and writing services. Our team consists of content writers who have assisted in the creation of over 100 websites, digital marketers ready to create marketing campaigns that cater to the specific needs of your business, and small business owners looking to branch out and fill the void that exists for business owners looking for a simple, and efficient solution to getting their dream enterprise up and running.

Jordan Porter


This is Jordan, our resident writer, content creating machine and co-founder of Nufás Media. Jordan has been working as a writer for the past six years (professionally that is) in a number of different mediums. Whether it be newspapers, magazines, books or even click bait, Jordan has done it all.

Sean Thornton


Over here we have Sean, a pure-bred entrepreneur. Like his father, and his father’s father, Sean has never had an affinity for the standard 9-5. Now, after starting his first successful business at the age of 23, Sean has turned his entrepreneurial talents towards web design and digital marketing, and has a proven ability to overcome every obstacle when building a business from the ground up.

Dylan Elliott

Head Web Developer

Meet Dylan, our Lead Web Developer. A graduate of Computer Programming at Georgian College, Dylan has a vast array of website development skills and is up to date on all the latest industry standards. He is now developing and designing websites with semantic HTML, accessibility, SEO and mobile responsiveness in mind. Dylan is responsible for building all our clients' custom Wordpress themes, integrating static websites into Wordpress and troubleshooting existing websites. He began coding while at his first IT support job, which is where he found a passion for web development. Outside of building software or websites, he enjoys learning and experimenting with up-and-coming software programs, and when time permits, loves working on cars.

Olivia Farr

Social Media & Digital Account Manager

Born and raised in Millbrook, Ontario, Olivia is our Social Media Manager with a background in marketing and design. She loves the creative opportunity through which social media offers and its potential to help businesses flourish. As she wraps up her Bachelor of Commerce degree, her expertise is an essential piece that is responsible for the creative approach by Nufas. Olivia is a lover of the outdoors and practices her own forms of artwork from embroidery to digital drawings.