Rough seas.

As everyone is well aware of the shifting protocols we’ve faced locally and throughout the province – things have been changing while businesses and individuals alike are forced to adapt.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. As I write this, the vaccine rollout is underway through small and large scale efforts. This is a moment in history that willonly appear as a blip on the axis of time, and the most productive option I’ve discovered is to accept this and to take it day-by-day. Things will bear resemblance to the pre-pandemic way of life soon enough.

The necessary distance between us has been a catalyst to the reality of our relianceon technology. This forced adaptation has effected personal and business relationships on a deep level. Luckily our clients have found this as an opportunity to bolster their online presence to help brave the storm and grant them an added sense of stability in the long-term forecast.

Sticking true to our beliefs we invested in ourselves and revamped the Nufás Media site. The site is a porthole into our business: the “Blog” gives you access to our psyche, “Podcasts” access our personality, “Testimonials” shows our credibility, the “About” displays our capability, and “Services” are the tangibles for how we can help. All of these components form our company culture, this demonstration forges meaningful relationships and provides some compensation for the inability to connect in person.

As I’ve said before, the website is the bread and butter of services for Nufás Media, social media management, and marketing strategy are the companions that can revitalize a brand.

For now, we welcome you aboard and encourage you to explore. We know we’re notthrough the rough seas yet, but if reading this provided any additional glimmer of hope as a business owner, then reach out – and let Nufás Media be your port in a storm.

-Kyle Hayward
COO, Nufás Media