Rough seas.

Ahoy from the new Nufás Media blog

As everyone is well aware of the shifting protocols we’ve faced locally and throughout the province – things have been changing while businesses and individuals alike are forced to adapt. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. As I write this, the vaccine rollout is underway through small and large scale efforts. […]

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How Do You Destress as an Owner?

Being a business owner has been one of the most rewarding and exciting events of my life. Going far beyond my own expectations on what would happen with Nufás Media, as we jumped over every hurdle and continued to land (shakily) on our feet, we have really begun to find our stride and things seem […]

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Letting go of Life Before COVID

By: Jordan Porter I started writing this on March 18th, just three days into quarantine, but I found that I lost motivation to continue with it very quickly. For days it was gnawing at me, you know that little voice who says you’re wasting your time? That guy. I think we’ve all been familiarized with […]

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Failing as an Entrepreneur

When I was in university, I participated in an interesting side project with several other undergraduate students. We worked with our team lead, Betsy McGregor and assisted her in organizing interviews with dozens of female politicians of all ages, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds and even success rates in their respective campaigns, with the goal of writing […]

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You Don’t Know Everything – And That’s Good

“If you’ve been in business for longer than ten minutes, you probably know, as Socrates did, you don’t know everything.”

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New Chapters and Different Hats

“like any good thing, there was a bit of a catch. While the space is in an amazing location right downtown, and has exceptionally cheap rent, (thanks to one of our old clients) it was ultimately…a disaster zone.”

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Be Nice To Your Employees

Did I just have a few decades to serve before I was deemed too expensive and just wait for ultimate humiliation?

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The Business Plan Cheat Sheet

So, you’ve started your own business – what an exciting (and stressful) time! By now you have registered your business, opened a bank account, and are building up your pennies. By this point, you are probably thinking about the next steps on your journey and ways that you can grow this business out of its […]

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The Not So Desolate Land Beyond Google

“So where should you focus most of your attention aside from Google?…”

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The Value of Rebranding

Today we will take a look at a few rebranding tactics any business can employ to freshen up their clientele, attract and acquire top talent, gain partner attention, and command higher fees.

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The Power Of A Sales Funnel

Illustrate the ideal path that you want your potential consumers to take in order for them to become clients…

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The Importance Of Fresh Content

Here at Nufás Media, we like to operate under the idea that your website is the messenger for your business…