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Finding balance as a small business owner

I have always felt the need to have a clear plan. I am a slave to my lists and I need to write things down to make sure they solidify in my brain. However, when things don’t go exactly as planned, I am usually not very perturbed. Change is good, and I will always embrace it. This is probably the most valuable skill I have learned as I get deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of building a small business.

Throughout this journey of building Nufás Media with my partner Sean, we have worn many different hats. Administration, CEO, writer, accountant, sales associate, cold caller, and most recently – construction worker. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, ‘one of these things is not like the other’ and you’d be right. However, in a rather fortunate turn of events, Sean and I stumbled into a great opportunity that, with a little elbow grease, would land us in our very first office space. But like any good thing, there was a bit of a catch. While the space is in an amazing location right downtown, and has exceptionally cheap rent, (thanks to one of our old clients) it was ultimately…a disaster zone. It is a large space with three big rooms, one being used as storage for the upstairs tenant, one acting as Sean and I’s office, and the front room destined to one day be home to a big conference table and lounge area, what more could we ask for 6 months in from “we should start a business!”?

We got the keys on August 1st 2019 and were ecstatic – our first office, it’s so real! At this time, we couldn’t have cared less that some of the drywall was wet and cracked, or that the carpet (which contributed to much of the musty smell throughout) looked like it had been laid in the 1930’s, it was ours and we loved it. The first night with the keys, Sean and I drank whisky and sat on the floor basking in the newest chapter of the Nufás Media success story. We were both very aware, and hopeful, that this would be one of those ‘early days’ moments that we would look back on fondly. But at the same time, we were not blind to the amount of work that had to be done here and, being a man with a plan, I put a deadline on ourselves for one month of construction, knowing full well that usually, construction jobs go long past their projected deadline.

So for one month we worked hard on the space. Ripped down the old drywall, pulled out all the dusty carpet and the yellowed tile flooring that was hiding underneath, painted everything in sight, bought new furniture and really made it our own. As I sit at my new desk in our new office writing this on September 3 rd , there are still shop-vacs, paint brushes, and half-full garbage bags laying around but the space has been transformed already. We have had our ups and downs since sipping whisky in the musty basement that would soon become our office, but as this space begins to take shape and mimic the personalities of Sean and myself, I am more hopeful than ever for the future of this little business we have created.

The downside to building this Nufás home was that we found ourselves dismissing our regular work and only focusing on the construction of the office. We gave ourselves the month to build our dream, however as we watched the bank account draining from construction costs and now rent for the space, we found ourselves nervously swallowing hard saying ‘yikes’. So, while the shop-vac and garbage bags remain, today is a (computer) work day as we struggle to find the balance between the multitude of hats Sean and I are required to wear, as we build the business, now both virtually as well as physically. This morning the weight of everything came down on me and I felt myself begin to stress, which isn’t like me. However, in an effort to keep a clear and logical head, I got to work and booked two meetings. Here we go – back at it and it feels good.

Keep an eye out for renovation updates and new client announcements as there will be plenty coming soon, and as always, be sure to follow us on social @nufasmediaagency.