Browse, shop, and explore in interactive 3D with Nufás360.

Nufás360 offers a unique and immersive experience for you, your customers and your clients. 

What is it?

Nufás360 is a virtual experience allowing end-users to browse, shop, and explore businesses from anywhere, at any time through  digital 3D rendering. Users can tour a business on desktop or mobile devices, learning about services or products through interactive tags as they go. 


How it works:

Nufás360 utilizes 360 degree, 5.7k resolution image rendering software paired with a program that connects existing online stores to allow the ability to tag and label different elements within the rendering creating the ability to shop from the virtual storefront.


Retail stores can tag individual items or entire sections of their store in one tag. If you carry big brands, tag them as one product linking to a brand page within your website! Link your clearance section in your store to your sales page online.


Service businesses can tag different sections of their workspace depending on what services are provided. Have a receptionist? Tag them with your general business contact information. Tag each workstation linking to its’ coordinating service description on your website.


Don’t have a physical store-front? If you have a pop-up location, contact Nufás360 to take a rendering while you’re set up to have a digital store always available.



If there’s one thing that the last few years has showed us, it’s that small businesses need to be able to adapt to the ever changing world of e-commerce. This is a unique and new shopping opportunity that allows businesses to remain open online at any time, while also allowing customers to shop the familiarity of their physical storefronts.

Pricing Plans:

Scan Size/ft2 Price
3000ft2 or less    $500.00
4000-4999ft2 $600.00
5000-5999ft2 $700.00
6000-6999ft2 $800.00
7000-7999ft2 $900.00
8000ft2+ Please Contact


E-commerce Integration (tags) :

E-commerce integration is an additional charge to the above listed scan prices.

Connection to existing e-commerce store is $1000.00

Development of an e-commerce website and integration to 360 rendering starts at $2500.00


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